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036: Living On The Edge Of Chaos with Sarah Loomis
November 19, 2016 01:07 PM PST
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I am so pumped to share this episode with everyone. Sarah Loomis is an educator that has inspired so many people to be great. I was lucky to meet her this past summer in Colorado and her presentation on Makerspaces and Literacy has motivated me to create these experiences myself by using her ideas and testing out some new ones.

You can find Sarah on Twitter at @dodeastoy2015FOLLOWS She is a Department of Defense Instructional Tech Coach working in Germany. She is also a DoDEA Teacher of the Year, MIE Expert #mieexpert, MIE Surface Expert #surfaceEdu, Microsoft Cert. Ed, and SMART Exemplary Ed #see

My favorite part of this podcast is when she talks about a student who says

[shareable]I'm a quitter. I don't want to be![/shareable]

and the one question that has stuck with me

[shareable]Do I give too may instructions?[/shareable]

In this podcast you will learn about

Makerspaces and how to make it work with limited supplies
How to connect books to making
The power of the lightbulb moment
How to help students see the world in a new way
If we don't limit students, then they will soar
The importance of wanting students to be creators, not just consumers.
Two important rules to have in your space
Check out her resources on how to get started

Check out the show and episodes on iTunes

035: Living on the Edge of Chaos with Todd Flory
November 11, 2016 06:16 AM PST
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In this episode I have the pleasure to chat with Todd Flory. Todd is a 4th grade teacher from Kansas. He is doing some amazing work in regards to global education.

This was a fun episode as we explore the ins and outs of expanding your classroom beyond the four walls. This topic has been covered many times, but Todd brings a new level to the conversation as we discuss

How do you find another classroom to connect with?
How do you go about finding experts to speak to your students?
The benefits of mystery skype
What happens when a global learning moment ignites a spark for a student?
His latest project of doing a Skype BreakoutEDU
How to connect global projects to the standards
There are plenty of examples to get you started.

You can find more about Todd at the following


Skype in the Classroom - this page will help you find other classrooms and experts from around the world
Get Started Resources
Skypeathon Event
Flattening Classrooms by Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay
The Global Educator: Leveraging Technology

034: Living On The Edge of Chaos Podcast with Ginger Lewman
October 30, 2016 04:39 AM PDT
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You are in for a treat with this episode. My great friend and educational hero, Ginger Lewman, was kind enough to spend some quality time discussing project based learning, quality learning, and a ton of other powerful concepts in this latest podcast episode.

If you have not check out her work, then you must check the resources at the bottom of this page.

I recently read her latest book and after reading the book, scribbling mass notes in the margins, and being reminded about the key things we must be doing in schools I just had to pick her brain some more.


In this episode we cover some key questions such as:

What is project based learning?
What are the common misunderstandings of pbl?
Are shorter projects better?
The importance of Wows, Hows, and Bows
How to get started with pbl?
How to make pbl work within the confines of the school system?
Why did we get into the profession of teaching in the first place?

[shareable cite="Ginger Lewman"]Everybody is somebody else weirdo. Did you think you were normal? How weird is that?[/shareable]

Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and be ready to gain some new ideas to enhance your practice. As always we would love feedback, questions, a nice review on iTunes, and more.


Lessons for LifePractice Learning
The book in Paperback or Kindle on Amazon
PBL unit ideas: http://www.lifepracticepbl.org/

033: Living on the Edge of Chaos with Tammy Dunbar
October 23, 2016 04:54 AM PDT
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I am back!

Season 3 of Living on the Edge of Chaos podcast is here in the now and ready.

It has been a long time since season 2 ended. In that void of episodes I had a series of small side podcasts(all on the same channel) testing things out.

After some learning, revision, and moving into action it is here.

And I cannot be more excited to start off season 3 with anyone other than Tammy Dunbar. Tammy is a 5th grade teacher who also teaches technology and does a ton of trainings for teachers around the world. She is one who not just talks the talk, but walks the walk.

In this episode we discuss Genius Hour. Genius Hour has been covered many times, but this episode looks at the bigger picture of Genius Hour.

How does one connect this concept to the standards?

How do we move away from it being a "pocket of innovation" into the culture of innovation for a school?

Can implementing a program like this actually raise test scores?

What happens when we treat students as more than simply a number and data plot?

Below are the links to all references in the podcast to learn more.

We hope you enjoy. As always please reach out with questions, ideas, thoughts, and reviews by leaving a comment on iTunes or leaving a comment on the blog(coffeeforthebrain.com)

Last, you can reach out to Tammy on her website or on Twitter.

Enjoy this episode and be ready for an amazing season of pushing our thoughts on the status quo of education.

Show Notes

CV: https://docs.com/tammy-dunbar/about

Liberating Genius OneNote Journals/Lessons by Tammy


Liberating Genius Into Sways by Tammy


Free eBook “Liberating Genius” By Angela Maiers & Mark Moran


Liberating Genius by Angela Maiers


032: Quad Cities Ghost Hunters
October 12, 2016 11:30 AM PDT
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I am really excited to share some amazing work of 7th grade students. One of our incredible educators from Bettendorf Middle School launched a project in her language arts class where students went on field trips to a variety of locations in the Quad Cities to explore whether or not these places are indeed haunted. Students conducted field research and came back to work and develop a podcast to showcase and highlight their experiences. What you are about to listen to are the top recordings of each location to give you the best listening experience. Sit back, listen, and enjoy the podcast. The students welcome any feedback, comments, ideas, and most importantly if you have any stories from these locations or other locations. In a future episode we will record a podcast with the students and teachers about the actual project and how to implement in your classroom. But for now, we hope you don't get too scared and maybe check out some of these locations for yourself.

031: Math Masterpiece
April 17, 2016 05:37 AM PDT
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Interview with Amanda Maurer and her algebra math art project.

030: November 2015 Month Goals, What Are Yours?
November 01, 2015 11:44 AM PST
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My podast is back! Check out this episode where I discuss my four goals for the month of November. I have 4 big goals

Weight under 230
Donation of 500 books
Build a robot that delivers coffee to teachers
NaNoWrimo nonfiction style to finally finish my book!

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BMS 6th Grade Bat Project
October 04, 2015 05:01 PM PDT
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This is the first podcast covering a 6th grade science and language arts project where students are working to eliminate the mosquito problem in one of our local parks. This group of students are discussing what they are doing and why.

Make Your Move
April 26, 2015 03:12 AM PDT
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Friday, I was given a wonderful opportunity to speak to students at Bettendorf High School. Students had a choice between three speakers who were all speakers that the students were able to connect with. I was beyond honored that the student council reached out to me to speak.

I won't lie, after saying yes I was very nervous. I was not nervous for the sake of giving a talk, but I was nervous because high school students can be a challenge to hold their interest AND I also know there is a chance that the words I speak could make an impact.

The whole week the school focused on the theme The Power of One helping students to understand that they matter, their voices matter, and that they can do amazing things if they want to.

As I plotted, organized, developed, and practiced my speech over and over I finally was able to connect the dots and make it work. I only had about 23 minutes to deliver my talk which is not a lot of time. My first practice run was over 80 slides and 47 minutes long. Through practice and practice and more practice I was able to get the talk down to under 25 minutes.

The other challenge lied in the issue that I needed to deliver a message that they have heard a million times but in a new way. Students are constantly being talked to about failure, growth mindset, achieving your goals, etc.

For the first time I brought to life personal stories that I have never shared before to a public audience.

029: Kristin Galle - 2014 PBS Digital Innovator and Therapy Classroom
January 04, 2015 01:22 PM PST
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Towards the end of 2014 I put out for a challenge to help spread the positive vision of educators. I asked educators to nominate themselves or others to help share the amazing things in education

Increasing Teacher Voice: Challenge and Nominate a Teacher

The first episode for this season is with an amazing educator named Kristin Galle from Wisconsin.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 1.34.07 PM

Kristin is a 2014 PBS Digital Innovator and is doing some really intriguing things with therapy, mental health, and more in her classroom. It really is something worth hearing.

I hope you enjoy this first episode. Remember if you know someone who would be good to have on the show make sure you nominate them so we can get connected.

Increasing Teacher Voice: Challenge and Nominate a Teacher



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